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  • BY Steve Gamel
  • February 6, 2020
By Steve Gamel

Susan Bauermeister still laughs when she thinks back to the day her daughter, Maddie, asked her to come work with her at Mainstream Boutique in Flower Mound. Maddie had only been at the popular women’s fashion store for a few months, but Susan was looking for something new and figured working with Maddie as fashion stylists was a great start.

What happened next surprised both of them and instantly took their mother-daughter tandem to new heights. Susan joined the Mainstream Boutique team as an employee in September, and by December 16, she was the new owner.

“Can you believe that? It still feels [surreal],” Susan said with a laugh. “The best part is being able to work with Maddie.”

As it turns out, while Susan enjoyed being a sales team with Maddie, she also had experience as a business owner and toyed with the idea of owning a Mainstream Boutique someday. When she and her husband, Dwight, called the corporate office, they were thrilled to hear the Flower Mound location was for sale.

“We were thinking for down the road,” Susan said. “But I feel fate stepped in and ended up taking over sooner than later! Maddie was thrilled. She feels like she has pride of ownership, as well.”

Susan and Maddie have added their flair to what was already a successful store. Mainstream Boutique offers the latest and greatest in a multigenerational line of fashion that women really want, from posh accessories that light up your wardrobe to shoes, jewelry, and everything in between. The store also got a facelift with fresh paint and new furnishings throughout the store to lighten it up along with creating a more inviting experience.

They added a new seating area and offer wine during the afternoons.

“I think people like the mother-daughter team,” Susan said. “Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service while forming lasting relationships.”

photos courtesy of Mainstream Boutique

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