The Snake Whisperer of Lantana

The Snake Whisperer of Lantana

The Snake Whisperer of Lantana

by Steve Gamel

Rob Boles isn’t the type of guy who enjoys the extra attention. But when you can catch snakes, you work from home, and you’re literally right down the street from a frantic neighbor who just found one in their front yard, your popularity will soar.

Over the last five years, Boles, 53, has been dubbed the snake whisperer by appreciative Lantana residents who regularly call on him to remove everything from venomous copperheads to harmless rat snakes. Since most of us readily admit we can’t tell the difference and just want the critter gone at all costs, we can simply send a picture by text message to help Rob identify the culprit before he comes over and humanely removes it from
the property.

Lantana is proof you don’t have to be in the country to have a snake problem. Boles said he gets three to four calls a day.

“There are people who are deathly afraid of snakes, and I get it,” said Boles, who also services Double Oak, Argyle,
Flower Mound, and other nearby areas. “We have an inherent fear ingrained in us. Most of the time, though, the snake wants to get away from you. If I see that a snake is venomous, I try to get out there immediately.”

This is the time of year where homeowners find more snakes slithering in their front yard, garages, overgrown shrubbery, etc. They are notorious for coming out when it gets warm enough for them to bask in the sun and search for food. Lantana seems to be a landing spot for a lot of calls over the years, and most of those residents have turned to a Facebook group called What Kind of Snake Is This? North Texas. The site was created to get quick help on identifying the snake – mostly with submitted photographs – and for relocation services like Boles.

When Boles joined the site, it had a few thousand members. Now, it has over 100,000 members and counting.

He said he never set out to become Denton County’s resident snake whisperer, but he’s happy to help.

“It started a few years ago on Facebook. Someone had posted about a snake, and so I went out and got it just to help,” Boles said. “Next thing I know, someone else heard what happened, and the calls started coming in. It progressed from there. If I’m not around, I’ve got people I can call who can back me up.”

Boles, who sells insurance and CBD oil full-time, is the perfect guy for the job. While he’s lived in Lantana since 2008, he grew up in southeast Texas and from the age of 5 was regularly outside hunting with his dogs in river bottoms. He and his family would come across rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and even copperheads all the time.

He said he’d been bitten by snakes more times than he cares to admit and has removed snakes from all types of places, including hard-to-reach spots and other areas you wouldn’t imagine finding a snake. He shared one story where he recently spent an hour trying to remove a six-foot rat snake from one resident’s tree. Once he did, the resident surprisingly said Boles could let it go once he knew it was harmless.

“The best part to come out of all of this is that most people who call are less afraid,” he said. “They don’t freak out like they used to, because they have been educated. I’ve answered so many questions online and gone to so many houses that people know more. Education is key; it’s just that simple.”

That still doesn’t mean people want snakes roaming around. If you find a snake, give Rob Boles a call at: 972.317.5853

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