Summer Temps Coming Soon

  • BY PJ Kratohvil
  • June 19, 2020
By PJ Kratohvil
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We’ve had a beautiful-mild introduction to summer but I believe the warm air is here. It’s a good idea to pay a little extra attention to somethings going into this time of year to ensure your sod & landscapes are successful.


With the average household spending 40 to 50% of its summer water-bill on irrigation make sure to be water wise. Everyone says water infrequently and deep but in most of our smaller lot communities you will experience enormous amounts of run off, or water loss, that never makes it into the ground. Since all terrain is different make sure you run a test on your irrigation. If you find your only run a zone for a couple of minutes before you see water run off then it’s going to be better to set your system up to run shorter times more frequently. Also keep in mind that once established your trees and shrubs need less water than the turf so adjust your controller accordingly.


Mulching is one of the best ways to grow healthy plants and conserve water. 3” of mulch is typically a good amount. Remember to keep it as even as possible and do not to let it build up against tree trunks or bases of the plantings themselves.


When it is hotter outside try to keep the amount you prune off of your shrubs as well as your lawn to a minimum. On your grass spaces letting the grass become a little taller/thicker will help hold moisture at the base of the sod, allowing you to water less and keep things greener in between cuttings.

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