Redefining What A Med Spa Should Be

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • March 20, 2020
By Steve Gamel

Donna Phillips and the rest of her dynamic team at Studio 360 Med Spa in Highland Village have always felt like their neighborhood spa was destined for big things. They just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

In only 14 months, they’ve gone from opening their doors for the first time and waiting anxiously for the phone to ring to averaging nearly 100 new clients a month. Seriously! They’re not exaggerating. They’ve also doubled the facility’s size, added more professionals to serve their clients’ every need, and brought in an additional suite of products and services that literally make Studio 360 an experience like none other.

“You get busy with the day-to-day that you don’t always get to step back and realize, ‘Wow, we’re really doing something great here.’ But I guess we really are,” Donna said. “The team we have is amazing. They enjoy coming to work.”

Manager Ryndi Hoge, who has been by Donna’s side since the beginning, agreed.

“We are growing, and it’s so much fun to watch,” Ryndi said. “We literally offer everything a med spa could offer.”

The goal, of course, is to make a difference in everyone’s life — inside and out. Studio 360 Med Spa is a full-service spa dedicated to everything from hair removal and skin tightening to Botox and PRP injections, CoolSculpting, hormone therapy, regenerative treatments, IV therapy, B12 shots, acne solutions, and even being go-to experts for women struggling with menopause, wellness, and intimacy problems.

Just a few of their new services include weight-loss counseling, massages and facials, sexual enhancement services, professional makeup, and airbrush tans. Making all of that happen is a team of dedicated professionals that has grown from six to 11 over the last several months. That includes the likes of Ryndi, registered nurse Michelle Shepard, Princess Holt, makeup artist Holly Hedrick, and everyone’s favorite medical director, John Delumba (OB/GYN).

“It’s only the best for our clients here at Studio 360 Med Spa,” Holly said.

Michelle Shepard agreed, saying everything has changed for the better since she first started.

“When I came here, I was looking for a place that offered more services,” Michelle said. “They give me a chance to do that here. We really are full-service. If it’s not something I can do for you personally, I know you can still find it here.”

Having more space was what truly made everything come together. In June, Donna purchased the office space next door and combined it with her existing facility. So what was once a broom closet down the hall is now an additional 3,800 square feet that include four additional treatment rooms, a man cave, and a boutique.

The boutique has a full skincare and makeup line, as well as comfortfocused clothing and other neat items for purchase.

“The service base is really growing, but they are also asking for more stuff to be added,” Donna said. “The O Shot and P Shot have been huge for us. Some people may be intimidated by it at first, but we’ve had nothing but great results — and that makes all of us so happy when we can take care of our clients. So, yes, adding the additional space was huge, too. We just got to the point where the existing rooms were always full, and if everyone had someone here, we’d be tripping over each other. We have a lot going on, and the funny thing is that there’s more to come.”

Looking back on how everything played out, it’s clear the sky is the limit for this med spa. If you are looking to feel better about yourself inside and out, and you want to develop a bond with those who are helping you achieve the best version of yourself, there’s no other answer than Studio 360 Med Spa.

“I didn’t anticipate all the good things that have happened, but it’s fun to watch it all unfold,” Donna said.

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