Realtor roulette: Getting the most out of home buying

Realtor roulette: Getting the most out of home buying

by Tisha White

DFW is growing quickly. New companies are moving to our area at an unprecedented rate. Homebuilders are gearing up to keep pace with all of the new jobs coming to our area, although they aren’t yet building fast enough to keep pace with the job growth.

According to Builder Magazine, Dallas / Fort Worth was the second best market in the U.S. for new build homes in 2015. So much growth means you have a wide variety of options, which is fantastic and, at times, a bit overwhelming. Home buyers need help sifting through
those options.

Most people easily see the value in engaging a licensed Realtor to sell their home. On average, homes with a Realtor sell for 7 percent higher than those sold by homeowners. However, some people wonder if they should use a Realtor when buying a new build. Speaking from personal (and now professional) experience, a Realtor can make all the difference. My husband, Brian, and I have built 5 homes together (and we’re still married.) We didn’t use a Realtor for two of them and lost money on both when we sold. We used a Realtor for the other two and made a nice return on the ultimate sale. Our goal is to help clients find the right home and maximize their return while doing it.

Here are some pros and cons of working with a Realtor:


Neighborhood knowledge
When you start your search, you’ll want to know amenities, features and the like for areas you’re looking at. Just as important, you’ll want to know of planned developments that are still in the works, whether new construction or commercial project, or pending road projects near by.

Market knowledge
What are homes in the neighborhood selling for? How much are other home buyers spending on upgrades? Which upgrades/features provide the best return? What months provide the best return?
It’s a little known fact that one day of the week consistently has offers accepted for
2 percent lower.   

Contract help
Most people focus on the purchase price as the term negotiated. Once the big number is agreed, there are still many other terms and conditions that can make or break a home’s affordability. Bring someone that can help you through the entire negotiation, before, during and after.

It’s in the budget
Many builders now pay Realtor’s fees out of their marketing budget, totally separate from the home price negotiation. Rather than costing you money in the negotiation process, it may very well save you money in a variety of places. Realtors also have a network of quality mortgage professionals. The right financing partner can save you money for the next 30 years.

Volume discount
Many people looking to build a new house also have to sell the house they’re living in. Quite a few Realtors provide a flexible fee structure for clients working with them on both homes. Make your move work for you!

It’s more fun
Working through the process with an expert advisor is more fun, at least working with me is!


The con is what I call the “thrill of the chase.” Some buyers believe they can beat the system and negotiate a better deal themselves, convincing a builder to give them the full Realtor’s fee discount. Every year, people flock to Las Vegas in hopes of beating the house. Vegas didn’t get built by the house losing consistently. The builder is represented in the negotiation. Shouldn’t you be?

I’d love to make your next move a smooth one, filled with fun and financial success. If you’re considering building a house, whether your first or 15th, give me call to talk through the best neighborhood and builder options. We’ll help you get the most for your money and we’ll have fun doing it. You can reach me at 512.695.6042 or Tisha@WhiteRealty.Net.

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