Primrose School of Lantana: Where Lightbulb Moments Happen

Primrose School of Lantana: Where Lightbulb Moments Happen

by Steve Gamel

When most teaching candidates go into a job interview, they expect to meet the owners of the school and maybe get a tour of the facility and classes before sitting down to answer questions about their background and qualifications. It’s all to find the right fit, and that process can be extremely overwhelming if you aren’t prepared.

Pre-Kindergarten teacher Jentri Carter was so ready when she walked in for her interview last summer at Primrose School of Lantana that she ended up flipping the script by putting owners Frank and Erin Lundie on the hot seat. “I interviewed them,” Jentri said with a laugh as she remembered grilling her favorite employers with question after question. “I was like, ‘Talk to me about it because I am interested.’ I wanted to learn about their curriculum and what they look for in a teacher. I wanted to know what their attitude was toward children and parents and what type of connection do I get to have with the parents. “And I don’t care if you have 375 kids here, you should know all their names. As a mom, that’s a big deal for me.”

Jentri liked – no, she LOVED – what the Lundies had to say. And the rest, as they say, is history. She represents a long line of teachers and staff members at Primrose who are completely bought-in to the reality that this school is where lightbulb moments happen. It truly is the best place to work and for children to have the freedom to explore new concepts and skills through an interactive way of learning. Of the handful of teachers and support staff Lantana Living interviewed for this article, several of them have children who attend the school. All staff members have a diverse background working for other schools and daycare facilities.None can imagine teaching anywhere else ever again. “It’s just different here – the way we are spoken to and respected for our opinions,” Jentri said. Erin Lundie agreed. “Don’t get me wrong, Frank and I know they all have a hard job,” Erin said. “But we have amazing teachers here.”

Primrose School of Lantana, which opened two years ago, offers a Balanced Learning® curriculum that combines purposeful play and nurturing guidance in the classroom to help children grow and learn in a nurturing environment. By creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for learning and reinforcing lessons through songs and games, children retain key skills and develop faster. The focus is not only on academics, but also fostering character development, creativity, self-esteem, critical thinking, and confidence.

And again, a key to making all that learning come to life is ensuring they have the right staff. Jentri went to Texas A&M and at one point in her career spent a year living and teaching in Italy. Kristan Rice, who teaches toddlers at Primrose, has been teaching for almost nine years and was told by her sister that she had to come work at Primrose. Alex Enriquez, a support teacher who also doubles as the school’s substitute cook, has been involved with preschools and daycares for more than 10 years.

Not to be outdone, Erin Lundie is a former teacher, curriculum instructor, and assistant principal. She and Frank have created the perfect balance of academic and social growth. “We get planning time every week, and it’s set time. As a teacher, you don’t always get that elsewhere,” Rice said. “There’s also more one-on-one time with the kids, and we focus a lot on helping them use their speech and think on their own. It’s a lot of interactive activities. Bottom line, the teachers get along, the owners are nice, and the parents are great.” Enriquez agreed. “There isn’t a corporate feel. It’s personal,” she said. “Erin and Frank make everyone feel like a close-knit family; they know us on a personal level. And for the kids, they have the freedom to explore. That’s when the lightbulb moments happen.” And in an age where quality education is seemingly on every corner, that makes all the difference in the world. “I didn’t know anything about this place before my kids started coming here, but when you walk in and immediately feel comfortable, that’s a big deal,” Jentri said. “It just made sense to me.”


Primrose School of Lantana | 7020 Justin Rd. | Lantana, TX 76226 | 940.455.2550 |

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