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Divorced Or Single? Doing The Cupid Shuffle When Your Dance Card Is Empty: Suggestions From A Family Law Attorney & Therapist

Valentine’s Day seems to be all about romance, flowers, chocolates, and balloons, right?! Well, not really. Valentine’s is about love: showing love, sharing love, and …

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20 Questions with Mike Winburn of Win Kids

Anyone in the area who has young kids has likely been to Win Kids at least a few times. For many parents, it’s a weekly …

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Kicking Off The New Year With A Smile

The New Year will soon be upon us, and with that comes new opportunities for declarations of improvement and resolve. As we usher into the …

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Classic Christmas Cheer

Classic, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Mazda in Denton is reaching out to our local community for contributions for Classic Christmas Cheer 2019. Last year, Classic of …

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Sheriff’s Corner with Sheriff Tracy Murphree

Denton County Crime Stopper Denton County Crime Stoppers, Inc. celebrated 30 years of service to Denton County, its citizens, and state and local law enforcement. …

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Lantana Lightning Ready for 2nd Annual Super Polar Plunge

When you’re a kid who loves swimming practically more than life itself, the winter months when the pool is closed can drag on for what …

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Lantana Community Supports Sailors

Lantana resident Janylle Koren is used to sending her son, Taylor, gifts and loving reminders from home while he is away serving his country in …

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When Should You Definitely Take Down Those Holiday Lights?

When it comes to the debate over when everyone should have their Christmas lights down and packed away for next year, we’re sure we are …

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Brooke’s Book Corner

Growing up, I spent days and nights in the back of my closet cuddled up with a big blanket, a small lamp, and a book. …

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Tax Time is Coming

We’re barely through the first month of 2020, so let’s talk about taxes, shall we? You’re probably saying to yourself that it’s way too soon …

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Sibling Check-Ups

Pediatricians face a unique challenge that, generally speaking, adult providers do not typically encounter. Most medical practices struggle with how to schedule patients throughout the …

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Taking Back Your Fitness Goals

The holiday season is long gone, and hopefully, that means no more cake, candy, and kitchen tables loaded with food we shouldn’t be eating but …

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