Lantana Super Dog Helps Save Elderly Couple from Fire

Lantana Super Dog Helps Save Elderly Couple from Fire

Lantana Super Dog Helps Save Elderly Couple from Fire

by Steve Gamel


Lantana resident Sandra Thayer and her dog, Migyrl, were like two peas in a pod from the second Thayer rescued her from a shelter in Lewisville just more than a year ago. In fact, it’s not often where Migyrl will leave her owner’s side. That’s why Thayer was thrown for a loop when she noticed Migyrl went missing on December 27. “We were in the backyard together, and I turn around, and she’s gone,” Thayer said. “She had ducked under the fence.”

As it turns out, Migyrl was running away for a reason – and neighbors are now crediting her for saving the lives of an elderly couple. Per a letter from a resident who preferred not to be mentioned by name in this article, she and her parents live next door to each other on a property that backs up to the Lantana subdivision, and on that day, her parent’s garage had caught on fire and initially went undetected as it slowly began spreading. 

Their cleaning lady had just walked onto the front porch to shake out a few rugs when she spotted Migyrl, who is half Boston Bull Terrier, quarter Pomeranian, and quarter chihuahua scurrying back and forth and acting incredibly strange. When the cleaning lady looked up, she saw the smoke and flames. Thankfully, the cleaning lady was able to get into the parent’s home and found them safe and sound on the opposite end of the house and took them to safety. When they went back to retrieve Migyrl, she ran away.

Thayer said she would never have known about Migyrl’s heroics if it hadn’t been for the letter she received. Migyrl was eventually found by someone else and returned to Thayer later that same day. “She went through quite a bit of brush to get over there,” Thayer said. “I am extremely proud of her. You see dogs on TV getting awards for stuff like that. She’s a very smart dog and is very protective of me. When I read the letter [from the resident], I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It gave me chills thinking that she saved those people.”


photo courtesy of Sandra Thayer

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