It’s Summer Time

It’s Summer Time

It’s Summer Time
So Make It One To Remember

Summer is finally here, and I’ve got to tell ya, it’s about time! Not only am I looking forward to things slowing down just a little bit so Scott and I can hang out with the kids more, but I am eagerly awaiting more consistent weather patterns. Yes, that means the North Texas sun will be beating down on us unmercifully at times, but it also means long days outside by the pool, road trips to wherever our budget will allow, hanging out on the patio grilling steaks and burgers, and ice cream dripping down sticky fingers. I can see and feel all of that right now. Can you?

Good … so let’s make the most of it. One thing that always works for me is to live in the moment and make the most out of each day of summer that I have.  Here are a few simple tips to make the most out of yours:

Have a camp out in the backyard – A friend of mine did this last summer with their little ones, and it wasn’t anything too elaborate. They simply set up shop on the trampoline in their backyard, put out a few citronella candles to repel mosquitoes, and stared into the starry night sky until they drifted off to sleep. Trust me … the kids will love it.

Plan something you’ve never done before – Have a family sit down and choose a few road trips or local activities you’ve never done together before.

Master a new skill or talent – This can be for you or the kids because kids never want to stop trying new things and adults need to remember they can still learn new tricks at any age. A friend of mine said he’s going to teach his littlest son how to ride a bike this summer, and another said she will train for a half marathon. The possibilities are endless.

Check in on your 2019 goals – June is the midway point of the year, and if you set goals for yourself back in January, it’s time to see where you are at and if you need to play any catchup.

What ideas do you have for this summer?

Kelly Murray
Publisher of Murray Media Group

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