How To Get Your Man To Go To The Doctor

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • November 13, 2019
By Steve Gamel

If you start a conversation about men and their total avoidance of going to the doctor like they should, the ears of every wife in the room will instantly perk up — quickly followed by an eye roll. After all, it doesn’t make much sense why many men don’t see the need to have a professional give them a routine once-over to ensure everything is fine.

Going to the doctor helps maintain overall health and prevents heart attacks and cancer. But tell your man that he’s got a nasty cold, and he’ll say, “I’ll wait it out in bed.” Remind him that it’s time for a physical, and he’ll say, “Why? I feel great!”

A lot of guys hate going to the doctor and avoid it like the plague, even when they have the plague. Others are lazy or scared of what they might be told. Here are a few tips if you’re a concerned wife who wants her man to go to the doctor:

Encourage him instead of nag — While it’s usually up to the woman to make sure their man gets the preventative care he needs, odds are you will always fight a losing battle if you nag, yell, or make it sound like a chore. Come from a position of caring. Focus on gentle reminders about an upcoming appointment and stress how much he means to you and the family. Encouragement shows him that the doctor isn’t a bad person, and it’s better to go now than when he’s really sick.

Schedule it for him — Some guys know they need to go, but easily get caught up in work and other things they deem to be more important. So check with his schedule first and then make the appointment for him. You may even suggest a particular doctor that you trust if he hasn’t seen one in several years.

Go with him — The odds are that most men won’t want their wife to go with them to the doctor, but you never know. It may be the one thing holding him back, and it may ease the tension if you ask questions on his behalf that he’s not thinking of at the time. Either way, offer to make the trip with him, even if he makes you stay in the waiting room.

Talk numbers with him — Guys can appreciate a persuasive argument. If his father went through similar health scares at his age, point out that earlier detection can help him avoid going down a similar path. Throw some stats his way that highlight the benefits of visiting the doctor regularly, or how unlikely his biggest fears are.

Offer an incentive — Men can be like kids, so sometimes it’s better to bribe them with something. Maybe agree that he can finally have that long-overdue poker night with his buddies or buy that expensive tool he’s been wanting. If you’re desperate, tell him he won’t have to do any chores around the house for an entire month.

Thanks for reading! What tips and strategies have worked for you over the years? Guys need to go to the doctor, and women everywhere would love to know how to increase those odds. Share with us on social media.

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