How To End Homework Struggles

How To End Homework Struggles

How To End Homework Struggles

by Valorie McGilvra


Research shows that students earn higher grades, get better attendance, are more motivated, and less likely to drop out of school when their families are involved in their education. By creating a home environment that encourages learning and schoolwork, you will set your child up for success and eliminate evening struggles. Establish a special place and daily routine for homework, support your child by helping them break down assignments into manageable chunks, and hire a tutor if necessary.

Designate a Study Area that is Special
Personalize the study area with your child’s accomplishments, pictures, awards, comfy seating, desk, and a basket of supplies that are only used for homework such as pencils, sharpener, paper, and references material (ask your child’s teacher what tools would be helpful). Encourage family members to support this study time so that there are minimal distractions around.

Establish a Daily Routine for Homework
Make a homework plan with your child so it is clear to everyone. Discuss with them what they like and don’t like. Try asking these questions: Do you want to study right when you get home, or do you need a break? Do you like to study when it’s quiet and alone or out with the family? Once you’ve established a routine, stick to it.

Getting Started
Have your child open their homework folder or log into their assignment. Help them organize their papers and create a plan of action. Do this for the week, day, then minutes. If their work is broken down into manageable chunks, they won’t feel so overwhelmed. A written schedule works best so your child knows the expectation.

Provide Your Child with Scaffolds
Think of a scaffold used by a builder. It supports the worker as they work in hard to reach areas. The goal is to give your child more structure and support then gradually take away a little at a time as you see they can work independently. All along, you are not telling them what to do but rather asking questions and helping them find their own way. Create a plan to start the assignment and how much they will complete in say 10 minutes, then take a break. If they can at least start the first problem it will help motivate them.

Get a Tutor
If you don’t have the time to sit down and help your child, or there is a struggle, then tutoring might be an option. The Denton Public library offers free homework help for members.

Homework may be tough to get your child to do. However, there are so many benefits that your time and commitment are worth it. Students need to develop good study habits and positive attitudes. It can teach them to work independently and encourage self-discipline and responsibility — assignments provide some children with their first chance to manage time and to meet deadlines.

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