How to Choose a Med Spa

  • BY Contributing Writer
  • March 20, 2020
By Contributing Writer

With all the products and services out there, the options seem endless when it comes to ways to help you look and feel your best. To really be pampered with longer lasting, comprehensive results, though, a med spa is the way to go. Whether you want laser treatments, body contouring, cosmetic injections, specialty skin care products, or one of any of a number of other services, you want to make sure the spa you select is appropriately managed and the message you’re getting from the staff is forthright. A little research can help find a med spa that works for you to be able to pamper yourself and improve your appearance.

Look into the relationship between ownership and operations at the med spa. Some facilities are owned by a physician, who ideally spends significant time on-site managing treatments. Others are owned by physicians who provide no oversite. Often a med spa will be under a doctor’s “Directorship,” some in which the doctor is involved in all treatment decisions and some where the doctor is only on paper but they will rarely be at the location.

Determine who will be treating you. Ask about training and certification of the person who will be providing your service and experience. One treatment that is of concern is cosmetic injections. Permanent damage can occur if the procedure isn’t performed correctly. There are two types of injectors, those who are medically licensed and trained (physicians and nurses) and those who are just certified in cosmetic injections. The most fundamental factor is that you will have expert treatment.

Verify that the med spa is clean and follows manufacture guidelines for all products. Facials and other procedures which are not done following proper guidelines for cleaning of equipment and disposal of one time use products can all lead to infection. It’s critical that the environment is sanitary. Go to the spa before your appointment, get a tour, and specifically ask about efforts to keep the facility clean.

Know that the spa staff isn’t exaggerating treatment claims. You should sense trustworthiness and integrity. You want the doctor or technician to offer both the positive expected results of the treatment as well as possible negative side effects. If there is anything that makes you nervous about the service, the doctor or staff should discuss your misgivings and give you a reasonable outcome and typical recovery time. Whether you’re speaking with a doctor or technician, they should be pleased to inform you about the treatment so that you can relax. If they’re heavily pushing a particular treatment over another, ask why, and do your research.

Understand the medical spa’s aftercare. It’s important that the staff isn’t just trying to interest you in their services but is also dedicated to your comfort and health following the visit.

When you evaluate various med spas, location and costs are important, but the quality of treatment is paramount. You want to understand the extent of the doctor’s involvement and that you will be treated in a sterile environment. A good med spa can give you a mental and emotional boost while also improving your physical appearance. Make sure you’ve chosen the right one.

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