Getting Your Home Office Organized

Getting Your Home Office Organized

Getting Your Home Office Organized

by Crystal Nerpel

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Whether you use your home office to run a small business, pay personal bills, or do craft projects, it’s a good idea to keep it organized. An organized home office space inspires productivity and efficiency. Here are a few things you can do to create a more organized home office.

Purge: The first step to getting your office organized is to get rid of things you really don’t need. Take stock of your supplies. Do you have hundreds of paperclips, so many pens that you can’t count them all, several boxes of unopened file folders, and several broken staplers? This is pretty common in a dirty workplace. Let go of all the unnecessary office supplies. It’s true that the extra box of staples only takes up four inches of space, but let it go. You aren’t using them. A local school or church would benefit from your donation. Getting rid of the small stuff is a big step in the right direction.

Have a filing system: You can use file folders or a binder system to keep your important documents organized. Label each file folder or tab with bold print so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Color coding also helps identify document categories. It’s also important to keep business and personal files separate.

Deal with the old documents: Make room in your filing cabinet, desk, or shelves by storing older, important documents inside portable file boxes that can be put away in the attic or a storage closet. Another great option is to scan older documents and store them digitally. If stored digitally, documents can be easily accessed, and they take up absolutely no space in your office.

Use a shredder: Always securely and safely dispose of documents with sensitive information. Don’t leave these hanging around.

Make your office comfortable and inviting:  If your office is a place you have to spend hours working then make it a place you enjoy being. Hang pictures of loved ones and art that inspires you. Use furniture that is comfortable and represents your personality. Maybe even play your favorite music while you work.

Always clean up: At the end of each project put away all work supplies. At the end of each day clear off your desk. Put pencils back in pencil holders, throw scrap paper away, put files back in the filing cabinet, etc.

This is your area, so make it work for you. Increase your productivity by surrounding yourself with an inviting, clutter-free workspace that represents your personality. A productive day is a great day!

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