Fitness For Your Smile

Fitness For Your Smile

Fitness For Your Smile

by Matt Artho
74 McMakin Rd. | Bartonville, TX 76226

I was swapping workout routines with a friend when he mentioned his latest exercise attempt.  “I went to the gym and tried their new machine,” he said. “I had to quit around an hour or so after getting sick. It does everything, though: Snickers, Kit Kats, Milky Ways…”

Certainly, this is not the best confession to make to a dentist, not to mention his fitness regime in-general is questionable. However, there are a few points of guidance that go along with your workout routine that also relate to your dental health.

Here are few items of advice.

One dental anomaly that is commonly observed as a result of certain fitness routines is tooth wear.  Consistent clenching of the teeth while working out, or teeth chattering during running or during cardio sessions can result in excessive tooth wear, facial muscle pain, or even symptoms of TMJ. A preventative measure to avoid this trauma is simply wearing a mouth guard. Certain custom mouth guards can be fabricated based on specific sports, even small, non-detectable guards that can be worn when running or golfing.

Another dental recommendation to follow during workout periods is to avoid sugary sport drinks. Frequent and consistent use of sugar-filled and acidic energy drinks can result in tooth decay. For kids, especially, it is recommended to avoid sport drinks unless they are engaged in high-intensity workouts for over an hour. Some safer alternatives include coconut water, fat-free chocolate milk, or just plain water.

Of course, when it comes to fitness and overall health, making your dental visits a routine is also very important. Studies show that oral health is related to certain diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. So, make sure when keeping your body fit, not to forget to workout that toothbrush and floss.

Happy exercising, and happy smiling!

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