Dental Advancements To Be Thankful For

  • BY Dr. Matt Artho
  • November 13, 2019
By Dr. Matt Artho
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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, gratitude is in the air with so many things to be thankful for: the turkey, the dressing, the pumpkin pie, etc. Though I could go on and on, I know how important it is to remember to thank those that help behind the scenes to make Thanksgiving great, like our family and friends. With modern dentistry, we tend to be thankful for all the ways dentistry has evolved to make it more comfortable. But behind the scenes, there are great advancements that actually improve dental treatment, as well.

There is no doubt that a comfortable experience at the dentist is something every dental practice should strive to obtain. Offices have implemented many amenities to improve comfort, including comfortable chairs, televisions in every room, headphones, and even video game consoles. These office additions are great for improving the overall experience at the dental office and make dental appointments enjoyable for patients and the dental staff.

In addition to a comfortable appointment, dental office amenities should also include those that actually improve the dental treatment. Digital impressions not only provide for a more comfortable experience but also provide more accurate detail for predictable restorations. Digital impressions combined with smile design software can also be utilized toward Invisalign® treatment or Same-Day crown technology like CEREC to improve treatment time and outcomes. Cone beam 3D radiographs are beneficial for preplanning dental implant treatment or properly diagnosing and completing root canal therapy.

The progress of dental advancements appears to be limitless, not only for the sake of comfort but also in treatment predictability. If your office is able to offer both, then you definitely have a reason to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Smiling

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