Beyond Wins & Losses In The Courtroom

Beyond Wins & Losses In The Courtroom

Beyond Wins & Losses In The Courtroom

by Steve Gamel

When you’re facing one of life’s difficult decisions, and it’s time to seek help from a family lawyer with unrivaled knowledge and success in the courtroom, the easy choice will always be Charla Bradshaw. What potential clients can’t be reminded of enough, though, is Bradshaw’s commitment to education and insistence on preparing them for possible legal roads ahead. “It concerns me to think about what people don’t know,” said Bradshaw, the managing shareholder at KoonsFuller’s Family Law office in Denton. “That’s one reason why I really enjoy doing articles like these because we always get good feedback that the information was helpful.” “Thankfully, we talk about things people are really interested in. Some are scared of what’s next; and most citizens don’t know the law.”

Having a lawyer in your corner who is willing to offer tips and advice – many times before the client even has a chance to ask – is top of mind now that we have all turned the page to a new year. Statistically, this is the time of year when family law offices like KoonsFuller are at their busiest. Divorce filings spike shortly after the holidays and into the first of the year, and at a minimum, more people are seeking guidance on a variety of topics. With that said, we were reminded of some of the educational tools Bradshaw has published in Lantana Living magazine.

Like the cover story last February that discussed the growing trend of many spouses being woefully unprepared when it comes to their household finances – specifically, knowing where their accounts are located, what bills need to be paid, etc. Usually, this happens because most couples have one spouse in charge of the finances, and in the case of a divorce or death, the other spouse is placed at a disadvantage as they are forced to get up to speed in a stressful situation. Another article featuring Bradshaw provided useful tips on how divorcing spouses can handle those first difficult steps, especially if it’s a situation where one spouse wants a divorce, and the other one does not. Questions such as, “what will happen to my house?” or “how will I support myself?” consume their lives. And if there are children involved, there will be a different set of hesitations and obstacles to overcome.

“We enjoy being that practice people can turn to if they need questions answered,” Bradshaw said. “And at this time of the year, I think it’s smart if people who may have potential family law matters consult with a lawyer and find out what the real rules are. What are the laws? There is so much out there on the Internet, and I hear clients say all the time, ‘I read this’ or ‘I read that,’ and I am quick to explain that the information just isn’t correct. Laws are different from state to state, and overall, there is incorrect advice out there. Not being informed or being misinformed can send you down the wrong path because you might operate on information that’s not even the law. And, everyone’s case is different.”

So, what are some practical tips and advice from Bradshaw? First and foremost, get educated on what the laws are in Texas and how they pertain to your case. Know your finances and keep accurate records in case of death and divorce, to have peace of mind and to lessen attorney’s fees. If you’re considering divorce or have already been through it, make sure to seek guidance from a counselor who can help you work through the emotional side. This is for the divorcing spouses as well as their children. Never represent yourself in a family law case – ever. Always hire a family lawyer. Know how different laws or agreements can come into play in your case. For example, there are ways to divide property among spouses without a divorce, and without dividing the entire estate. Ask your lawyer what types of relationships they have with outside professionals. KoonsFuller recently hired a full-time licensed professional counselor who provides litigation support for KoonsFuller clients, and who can put clients in touch with resources to suit their needs. 

More and more people are seeking out KoonsFuller for those questions. KoonsFuller has five offices: Denton, Plano, Houston, Dallas, and Southlake. The Denton office has five attorneys, including Bradshaw, Sarah Darnell, Sean Abeyta, James Logue, and Nicole Carroll. Bradshaw is at the center of it all and has gained a state-wide reputation while litigating some of the most difficult cases, both locally and internationally. Bradshaw has all but her thesis in a masters in marriage and family therapy: she went on to law school before completion. Her vast experience in family law has made her a clear choice as an expert for speeches and appearances, with regard to family law-related matters. “I love my job and helping people through a most difficult time in their life. It’s why I went to law school,” Bradshaw said.


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