7 Tips to Train Your New Puppy

7 Tips to Train Your New Puppy

7 Tips to Train Your New Puppy

by Steve Gamel

So you decided to get your children or significant other a cute puppy for Christmas. Now what? That may sound abrupt, but for many people, it can be overwhelming to have a fur baby in the house – especially if you’re a first-timer. Perhaps the biggest question most people have is, “How do I properly train the dog?”

Here are seven tips and tricks to train your new puppy:

Start early:
As is the case with anything, the earlier you start providing your puppy with basic training, the faster your dog will get used to his or her new surroundings and recognize you as the one in charge. There are plenty of opinions out there are the exact age range to start training, but here’s a basic rule of thumb: if your puppy is old enough to open its eyes and walk on its own, it’s time to start training.

Choose a name for your puppy, and use it:
Choosing a name is extremely fun, but it is also an integral part of the puppy training process and should be used early and often. Dogs need to hear their name often, as it not only helps them realize you are talking to them but also maintains their attention when training.

Be consistent and keep a schedule: 
Don’t just train your dog for one or two days and then skip out on the rest of the week. Stay consistent and recognize that training opportunities don’t have to stay within the confines of your house. Work on commands and other obedience training while at the park, when out for a walk, or at a friend’s house. More importantly, don’t get frustrated when your puppy doesn’t seem to be catching on at first. It all takes time, folks.

Keep training sessions short:
Puppies have short attention spans, so keep training sessions short and sweet – maybe start with five minutes at a time. Also, remember to work on perfecting one skill at a time and avoid throwing too much on them all at once. Master one skill, then move on to the next.

Reward your puppy for good behavior: 
Puppy training is a process, which is why it’s incredibly important to show patience and reward them constantly – even for the smallest of steps forward in the process. Dog treats are perfect for this, as well as lots of love and attention. Make a big deal out of a job well done; dogs are motivated by pleasing their owners.

Pay attention to signs that the puppy needs to go potty:
Whining, barking, and scratching at the door are all signs that your puppy is trying to tell you he or she needs to go outside to potty. Be mindful of these warning signs and don’t deny them the opportunity to go outside.

Seek help from a professional trainer:
There’s no shame in hiring a professional dog trainer. Whether it’s because you’re still having trouble doing the training on your own, or you want to make sure your dog is getting the appropriate social interaction with other animals, a professional trainer will help your puppy learn and grow.

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