12 Questions with Cassandra Homer

12 Questions with Cassandra Homer

12 Questions with Cassandra Homer

of Cassandra & Co. Real Estate Group
by Steve Gamel

Since 2013, what has mattered most to hundreds of buyers, sellers, and leasers across Denton County was that Cassandra Homer’s name was attached to their transaction. They knew they had a trusted partner, friend, mentor, and coach to help them make sense of the real estate market, and she’s always delivered an unmatched level of commitment to the community as well as a consistent understanding of the individual needs of her clients. 

In a recent interview with Lantana Living, Cassandra was gracious enough to play an old-fashioned game of 20 Questions, where she dished on everything – literally everything. She’s not afraid of these games.

Why did you get into real estate?
I was 18 and didn’t know any better. Just kidding, of course. I thought it was an awesome job and a chance to get my foot in the door. And I haven’t taken my foot out of that door yet. This is where I was meant to be, as cheesy as that sounds.

What is your favorite thing about real estate?
That’s a really good question. I would say the variety and the people. I like being a part of someone’s story. I get to be a part of these big pieces of your life. That’s exciting to me.

What is your least favorite thing about real estate?
The lack of respect between agents. I tell my agents that the client is very rarely the one who gives you the headache. It’s the other professionals that occasionally cause a lot of stress.

You say all the time “Don’t fake the funk.” What do you mean by that?
Don’t be someone you are not. Be true to yourself.

If you are stuck in an elevator with one person, who would it be?
I’d say Andy Cohen from Bravo. That guy has all the gossip, and if we are in that elevator for a good amount of time, I would get it out of him. Him or Tina Fey; she is an amazing woman.

What’s your deepest darkest secret?
That I want published? I once auditioned for a talent show in school, and it was a duet with my best friend, Megan, to Positive K’s “I gotta man.” We did not get in, but I still know all the words. Don’t worry.

Do you have an unusual talent?
I can still do a cartwheel. Sloane is in gymnastics now, so she flips out when she sees me doing a cartwheel.

What is your favorite food?
I eat like a 9-year-old girl. I like Mac N Cheese, pop tarts, and waffles. So my favorite has to be Velveeta Shells and Cheese and an orange soda.

If you had to karaoke one song, what would it be?
Rapper’s Delight. But, it would need to be the version by Def Squad. We need to be specific on that! Or, to even it out, Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson. If those two songs aren’t on your mix tape, who are you?

Who is funnier, you or your husband, Travis?
Travis would say he’s funnier, but the rest of the population – living or dead – would say me.

Who or where would you haunt if you were a ghost?
My first job was at Happy Hampton Arcade in New Hampshire. It has since burned down, but that area gets a lot of tourists. I would say that would be where I would haunt.

What is your favorite trait about yourself?
My sense of humor. I like to think it keeps me sane.


photography by Your Candid Memories (yourcandidmemories.com)

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